Gym + Coffee Pop Up to open at the Crescent Shopping Centre

GYM+COFFEE will soon opens its doors at the Crescent Shopping Centre with a brand NEW POP-UP STORE. The Irish born outdoor lifestyle brand will open its doors to the public in early October 2019.

This is Gym+Coffee’s third permanent pop-up retail venture! The flagship store opened 7 July, 2018 in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin and is now a staple on the Dundrum retail landscape. Since then, Gym + Coffee have hosted two further temporary pop-up stores in Arnotts on Henry Street, the most recent in August this year.

Following successes in Dublin, Gym + Coffee launched a permanent pop-up in Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork and are so excited to be bringing their unique brand of lifestyle, community + athleisurewear to Limerick and setting down some roots in this youthful, innovative and exciting part of Ireland.

About Gym+Coffee

GYM+COFFEE IS AN IRISH ATHLEISURE and lifestyle brand. Since our inception in 2017, we have been producing high-quality, Irish-designed clothing. Through our events programme and via engagement with our audience, we have built a community of people committed to an active, social lifestyle and who live our philosophy to Make Life Richer.

We believe in facilitating fun things to do, an awesome crew to do things with and quality gear to do things in.

Head of Community

This year, we announced the appointment of our Head Of Community, Brian O’Driscoll. Brian has been a long-time supporter of Gym+Coffee and he lives and breathes the Make Life Richer attitude. He is a galvanising force in Ireland and we could not be more proud to have him on the team as a partner, supporter and most importantly, a member of our community.


The biggest Gym+Coffee driver and our raison d’être is our Community. We started this brand to encourage people to Make Life Richer and with every decision we make, we think about what the effects and benefits will be for our community.

As we grow, we continue to look for new ways to connect with and to facilitate more connections within our community. Through our annual programme of events and via new and exciting partnerships, we are building a network of people dedicated to our Make Life Richer motto and who are well and truly making it their own.


Our community is built on balance: we look for ways to live an active, social, adventurous and relaxed life. We run events throughout the year to give our community an opportunity to interact with each other, and get out and experience Ireland.

Our Summer Stretch Series, Adventure Weekends, MLR Map and partnerships with events like Wellfest are just some of the ways we Make Life Richer.

This year we hosted our first Make Life Richer Day as the culmination + celebration of our third Summer Stretch Series. More 2000 of our community members joined us throughout the Series and our newly appointed Head of Community, Brian O’Driscoll joined in the celebrations of Make Life Richer Day.


Gym+Coffee offers a range of Men’s & Women’s wear for an active lifestyle. Our products are Irish-designed and created with our island’s population in mind.

Our signature products are our Fleck Hoodies, our most popular being the Pink Fleck which flies out the door no sooner than it hits our shelves. We also create a range of men’s and women’s T-shirts, alternative-design hoodies, women’s leggings + vests.

This year we launched a full Spring-Summer Range, complemented by our High Summer Collection, both of which included updated versions of some of our Classics, as well as several items that mark a new style for us. We are now gearing up for the change of season and can’t wait to announce our Autumn-Winter designs very soon!

Other Products

In collaboration with cycling bag company Vel-Oh, we introduced our Coffee Bag Collection on March 13th – a high-end, Irish-made range of urban bags designed using upcycled materials. The collection is proudly Irish: designed in Dublin, made in Galway and created drawing on the skills & materials of local merchants.

We also provide a range of merchandise including stainless steel water bottles, coffee Keepcups, beanies, Dublin-roasted coffee beans and our foray into the world of dog-fashion: dog hoodies!

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