Newbridge Silverware

Newbridge Silverware has been designing and crafting for over 85 years. We are synonymous with producing quality products, and it is a unique history of craftsmanship and experience, combined with a contemporary and fresh attitude to design, that puts us on the cutting edge of modern living. More recently, the company has gained recognition for its exclusive and unique ranges. Today, a whole new generation and market recognise Newbridge Silverware as a major name in design and craft for many aspects of their lifestyles including handcrafted and exclusive tableware and jewellery, as well as accessories, giftware and interiors. The factory at Newbridge Silverware is one of the last of its kind left in Europe with a team of fully skilled craftspeople, each with a lifetime’s experience of craft and design.

Opening Hours
Monday 10am to 6 pm
Tuesday 10am to 6 pm
Wednesday 10am to 6 pm
Thursday 10am to 6 pm
Friday 10am to 6 pm
Saturday 10am to 6 pm
Sunday 12pm to 6 pm